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At Gough & Randolph Clothier our team members are the absolute best - dedicated craftsmen, working each day to create for our customers.
Our customers, returning time after time, are a testament to the quality of our work.


Together we will create your ideal shoe. You won't be limited to the standard designs that you see at local shops, malls, or boutiques;
we can change almost anything to suit you and your feet - materials, colors, support, laces, soles ... you can choose which pleases you the most.
We don't even charge extra for this - we care about satisfying the customer from the beginning of the process to the end product.


We very much believe that the customer should take our shoes away completely happy with the product.
We encourage our clients to work with us each step of the way so we can achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to ensure happiness for our clients; to encourage our valued customers to return again and again
and provide them with the very best in bespoke footwear.


Pricing: Bespoke Shoes start at $500, depending on materials
Timeline: 6 - 8 weeks from completed & client-approved design to finished product