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Style Tips for the snazzy male!

If you're in a career where you're going to wear a suit daily to the office,
you should look for a selection of cuts, colors and styles from which to choose.


Going to a sunset barbecue? Go bold with a plaid blazer with suede elbow patches, a denim fitted shirt and a slim-fit pant. Don't forget your oxfords!

A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn’t overpower your tie; it should complement it.

You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket 
so that it feels snug, but with room to move.


The point of your long tie should JUST reach the waistband of your trousers, 
or be slightly shorter.

Avoid wrinkling the back and sleeves of your jacket by taking it off when driving or flying.

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